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Prosciutto Parma P.D.O. Half cured ham boneless knife-peeled - 1 Pics.
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Italianfoodquality - Tuscany Pacorino Cheese » Cheeses
The milk used to make this cheese comes from the sheeps bred in the farm of property of Cheese factory to guarantee at the customers: traceability, quality and taste of true Tuscany Pecorino cheese.
Italianfoodquality - Tuscany Pacorino Cheese
via della Repubblica,57 REGGIO EMILIA , 42123 RE Italy
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  • Acciaiolo

    The name Acciaiolo derives from the locality where the cheese is made. It’s particular bowl shape is given from the production moulding process The maturation is relatively brief...

    € 33,60
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  • Il Rosso

    Pecorino del Busti is a cheese with a white or light yellow form. It is covered by a red crust with concentrated tomato that as well as extending its shelf life, gives it a...

    € 44,40
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  • Nonna Emma

    The Caciotta Nonna Emma is a cheese produced with cow and sheep milk. It’s called Caciotta Toscana soft form and light yellow colour. On the back of the packaging there is...

    € 36,36
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  • Fresco Sapore

    A good table cheese. It has a yellow crust of varying colour intensity in according with the length of maturation. milk SHEEP Or COW AND SHEEP COD.FSPM cheese ripening 15/30...

    € 22,20
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  • Marzolino

    The Marzolino del Busti is a typical Tuscan cheese: soft, tender and sweet flavour. During the ripening process it is periodically turned with gives the cheese it’s particular...

    € 23,10
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  • Morbidoso

    Morbidoso is a young and soft creamy cheese with a sweet flavour. It is made with pasteurised cow’s milk with added pasteurised sheep milk. milk COW AND SHEEP cheese...

    € 20,90
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  • Pisanello

    The Pisanello is a sweet cheese, the forms are then treated with tomatoe concentrate and has a pure milk white form. milk SHEEP or COW AND SHEEP cheese ripening 30/40...

    € 41,60
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  • Pisano

    The Buon Pisano is a traditional pecorino cheese of a white opaque colour. Obtained from local pasteurized milk. milk SHEEP or COW AND SHEEP cheese ripening 30/40...

    € 40,80
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  • Timbrato

    Cheese with the traditional family seal, easily recognizable with a red stamp on the upper surface of the form. It has a relatively brief maturation process. The form is white and...

    € 41,15
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  • Percora Vera

    A delicious pecorino cheese of medium maturity produced only with sheep milk. It is noted for it’s consistent form, white and slightly chalky, the fruits of an ancient working...

    € 25,90
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