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Wheel of Parmesan Cheese 18 Months old - Mezzano
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The cheese factory Santa Caterina born in the 1900 from a cooperation of farmer group, In the 1970 The Cheese Factory Santa Caterina is propriety of Bigi Family that start at select a particular quality of Milk from cow fed with forage of stable meadows typical of Emilian plain.
This Milk given at Santa Caterina Parmesan cheese an unique taste that Characterizes all the productions of Parmesan cheese by Bigi Family.
The Cheese Factory Santa Caterina is Registered with the Number 107 to Consortium of Parmesan cheese and is located on the state Road number 9 \\\" Via Emilia\\\" , Historical road that crossing the food valley. Known in all world for the quality of Italian food.
Farms that conferring milk : 4
Forms Produced each year: 2.200
Boilers for productions: 4
Via della Repubblica,57 REGGIO EMILIA , 42123 RE Italy
phone: +39 3316439172 | e-mail: Costumer@italianfoodquality.com
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