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Half Wheel of Parmesan Cheese 22 Months old
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ItalianFoodQuality " Tanara" » Cured meats - Salumi
Experience. Patience. Climate. Mastery.

Four words in order to photograph the delicatessen art of Tanara Giancarlo: a very famous name beyond the borders of Parma, devoted earth for tradiction to the production the top quality of the cured ham.
In the more famous zone of the territory, Tanara' s plant places like the excellence ham factory, from generations active in the selection of the pork meats, coming from Emilian and lombardy breedings.

The sweetness of the cured ham is a particular conquered to small steps. The departure point is the strict selection of the meat, that it comes exclusively from Emilia and Lombardia regions, that they are zones of excellence for the breeding of the pigs, wich breedings use absolutely natural feeding, that is on guarantee of high quality. The fresh thighs come from pigs breeded near the province of Mantova, Cremona, Parma Reggio Emilia and Brescia, in the padana land, they are always reference for the breeding of the best Italian pigs.

These pigs supply the best meat for a long curing period. The origin of the raw materials is exclusively Italian like the disciplinary certificate of production of the Parma' s Ham. The selection of fresh thighs of advanced weight to the 13 KG. This is indispensable in order to obtain the product in the respect of the tradiction of the Italian delicatessen.
A few salt and a careful and slow curing period make of Tanara' s Ham the raw one from fond of ham. The art of Tanara Giancarlo has the experience matured along the generations and with patience on only works the bettere thighs.
The salting in made by hand in the respect of the tradiction, using a few natural marine salt, the onlyone conserving used. On passing to the curing period, the other more important ingredients of the Tanara' s house: the pure air that comes from the appennines and than it penetrates in the curing rooms from the big windows.

Langhirano is in a good climate position, this one of the secret of the fragrance and scent of the unmistakable Ham of Tanara.
The raw hams rest in the curing rooms and they attend Master salumaio valutation. Only then on decide to stamp by fire the raw of Tanara, to guarantee of a patience job that the factory do from generations, to achieve the incomparable sweetness of the raw.
It turns out you of our engagement are recognized from years in Italy ande to the foreign country and the quality of ours hams is appreciated in Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Polonia, United States, Canada, Japan, Brasil, Hong Kong and between little time also to Singapore and China.
ItalianFoodQuality " Tanara"
Via della Repubblica,57 REGGIO EMILIA , 42123 RE Italy
phone: +39 3316439172 | e-mail: Costumer@italianfoodquality.com
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